Trade or help me Farming the last 4 HEAD

After all this year since the 360 version of B2…after thousand of hour of play…I’ve have only 4 Head missing for all character…and its the 4 most rare and impossibility drop since the legen drop boss trippled patch. The T.V.H.B. boss…: Terra,Verra,Henry and Bunker…:unamused:

If anyone want to trade one of this rare head, for any character just add Fingercut on Xbox …Please help me :+1::+1::+1:

Which character do you want the heads for?

Wow i got the Terra head ( 4 Gunze) yesterday after some test run to understand the math behind the mechanic of the pool drop.You cannot farm what do you want like in the 1st Borderland (compagny name focused) but a dont even know that you can force the game to remove some crap that you dont want in the pool … Beside this…just 3 left for Gunze …4 head missing for the rest of the character…

Bunker Head (epic drop)
Henry Head (epic drop only in mission…it is bugged ? Because of the Love Thumper bug ?)
Terra (epic drop)
And the worst Vermivorous …never see and bothering for the last invisible evolution :cry: I’ve killed all the other Raid Boss (in solo #nocheating #nomoding )

#1 Gunze
#2 Zero
#3 Mechromancer
#4 Krieg
#5 Axton Commando
#6 Maya Siren

This can be farmed from Henry once you’ve completed the mission to get the Love Thumper. Note that you can farm this in any mode. Same all the other boss & raid boss heads - the odds are the same regardless of whether you’re in normal, true, or ultimate.

I’ll have a look around and see if I still have any spares of those - I got quite a few doing some research myself.

Yeah but the pool drop is bigger when you complete the mission … Like final boss (warrior,shadow-TRP…) always drop a legendary when you complete the mission …more drop = more chance …nope ?? Im a legit player all the thing i have its from drop or vending maching ect…no f+$#@# moding …i’m anger at my son when a saw her black gun…rainbow gun…He does’nt not learn from B1, when her profile was corrupted…because of that :tired_face: I know a lot of feature (like gearbox said) like Doctor Prescription Wildlife Tinny run everyone know that trick…but not everyone knows that its 1 of 3 chubby tinny secret run feature…how to make a trip at Terra hideout outside of the map…you know what i mean :wink: the op8 map shortcut… THAT was realy cheating back in the day.

[Moderator edit] .Anyway Gearbox …just give them in the VlP event saison …because (minus the Mongol Rocket)the legendary reward its verry disapointing.They change up (3x +)the legendary drop boss because of angry frustrated haters…seriously if anyone i’ve problem to have her favorite legendary dropping …stop playing and change game :joy: …seriously its fan favorite ?!? Don’t make me laugh :rage:

Just a friendly reminder to please read the FORUM RULES, and specifically no duping.

I did look and, unfortunately, I’ve already given the spare Henry heads away. That said, Henry is a fast farm for heads if you drop a high level character into normal (siren is very efficient) and the drop chance is the same. Spawn into Overlook, then save quit and it’s a quick jump down on the restart.

That exactly the method i use for Henry …but i play most of the time solo if i farm. Majority of the people don’t have the patience to run in circle…But …oh oh i remembering something …The 4 players option bonus can be actived in solo with the Oasis (360 ps3).
.I’m not sure if this feature is enable in Handosme…i chek it out right now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

P.S.: Okidou for the rules…Just saying that i understand people, adult they have familly who love rpg game dont have lot of time, can use some cheating but i never undertand what the fun to remove the heart, the foundation primary of the game itselft…the color droping system (im addict to this rpg gameplay since Diablo) But i love the idea that Gearbox found to spot quickly that type of player. The color shame :+1:We cannot stop this, but Black your item become…Anyway you are that genre of player does’nt boring with all the part that make a gun.if i play in open multi and cross that type of player i kicked out you and normaly i report…

Sorry for the long apparté :smiley: i can talk all day about how much i love this franchise.and i pray for gearbox for a perfect release date…