Trade snowdrift otto idol with mag size and shot gun damge

Lookin to trade this for good fl4k and or moze gear
This includes during fade away annoints cause im holding on to those incase they get buffed

LV 53?

I’ve got some Moze and Flak gear.

not necessarily as long as the gear is still solid

Sorry is the artifact LV 53?

I’ve got some stuff at LV 53.

It is but im away from my console at the moment
Could you just list your items then ill send you the artifact tomorrow?

Kyb’s Worth
Craders EM P5

A bunch of random guns

PSN is the same as my username

Whats the annoint on the kybs worth and cutsman and what other guns? Could you attach a picture or something?

160% Splash after Iron Bear and next 2 Mags 125% bonus Incindiary Damage are all I keep for Moze.

The Kyb’s , cutsman, and recursion are all 160 Splash

The Craders is 125% next two mags.

I can send pics tomorrow. I’m off to bed.

can i have the 160% kybs and what fl4k gear do you have? also do you have and its piss with ase?
ill send the otto idol when you accept my friend request

I’ll be on in a couple hours. Family is just getting home, so I have to do the nightly routine first.

I have a few LV 53 items for gamma burst and a few Rakk Attack items.

thats fine id like to know what gamma burst you got

Just about anything you can think of for LV 50.

LV 53


Is about all I can think of.


im about to send the otto idol so can i have the kybs the maggie bekah and dictator?

I can send the others after a bit.


no problem and thank you