Trade Social Interfacer lvl 72 for large choice of lvl 50-72 weaponry and others

I need a social Interfacer at OP 8 that I can trade for a very large range of other weapons and Sheilds. Also if you have a rough rider sheild, legendary Gunzerker class mod or a Chaotic Evil Monk class mod (all OP 8) that would be amazing. - gt: isaacman00
Message me for invite

Don’t have a rough rider, but I do have a Hoplite if you’re interested.

Sure! I’m online now

XBox has been usurped by off-spring. I have your GT so I’ll just check if you’re on when I get back - I dropped into your game earlier at the farmhouse, and asked you if you’d beaten Hyperius yet.

Oh yeah thanks for that, btw it’s nearly midnight here so I’ll be on later tommorrow.

OK catch you then.

I can give you a nor fleet

Soz I already have a norfleet, thanks tho