Trade successful

Level 50 is fine, sadly only have mostly level 50 great to trade, but have lots of God roll items that should still out in good work. Ask for anything you like, I likely have it! Mostly Moze and Fl4k stuff, but some Zane as well.

I have this. Lvl 50 though.

What do you have for trade? Got any god roll COMs for Fl4k or artifacts?

COMs wise, looking for +4/5 Two Fang DE4DEYEs with:

  • Sniper Damage, either Jakob’s Crit/Weapon Damage
  • Shotgun Damage, Splash/AOE Damage

Or Bounty Hunters with +3 TMDG with

  • Heavy Weapon Damage, Splash/AOE Damage
  • Shotgun Damage, Splash/AOE Damage

Or on the off chance (I know this a real crapshoot) - do you have a Zheitsev’s Eruption with Rakk Attack anointment?

If you don’t have these items its alright, I’m sure we can discuss something out!

I definitely don’t have the eruption, but I think I have at least one of the coms… Only level 50, however. I can check tomorrow, currently away from computer.

So these are the 4 coms I have with +3 TMDG. Not exactly what you are looking for, but closest I have…

Epic: Cat_Thulhu

That last one with weapon dmg/crit/sniper dmg is gnarly…

Well if you’ve got a red suit with+50% corrosive or cryo, or a radiation Devil’s Foursum with +125% incendiary next 2 mags, you can have them all ha

Could I have the last 2?

I’m away from home now, so I will send you the shield when I’m back this weekend. You can send me the COMs once you confirm you have received Red Suit :slight_smile:

Sounds perfect! Epic: Cat_Thulhu

Added you on Epic. When you accept the friend request, I will send to you asap :slight_smile:

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Sure what is your epic name? Just so I don’t get confused here haha

I never got added on Epic?

My Epic ID is vanaria32.

Let me add you again and see if you receive the request.

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Sent those over to you!

Messaged you over Epic ytd, but just to confirm, you received the Red Suit right?

I did, thank you!

Closed at OP’s request