Trade. Want lv 70 Rosie set and mining laser set. Will trade nearly anything. Thanks! GT: angotti81

Will trade nearly anything. I have most Legendaries, uniques etc. I can try and grind what I don’t. Also have flayer and cryo/non element p.revolution Thanks! GT: angotti81

I think the Rosie is garbage, but If you can draw me a picture in paint of something fun I’ll give you mine

that’s amusing. it’s the best weapon in the game

I think this is a thousand times more amusing. 4 times a cruddy base damage (Relative to EVERY OTHER LASER) is still smaller than 3 times a much higher base damage. Compare an absolute zero which has double the base damage of a Rosie for being an easier to control laser. That alone means that the rosie has to be ramping for a while to keep up with the BASE damage of the AZ. Now consider that the AZ has about +200% bonus damage which would ramp up to about 36500 damage, the Rosie has +368% bonus damage ramping from its low base it’ll be hitting 4 times it’s base damage, which totals about 28000 damage. (I’mm discounting external bonuses as they would be even to both lasers). Now add the fact that the AZ isn’t limited to a Maliwan stock, making its control even better. NOW add the fact that It has double the proc chance and more DoT than the Rosie. Yes the Rosie has a larger magazine size but the characters that would use it make magazine issues an afterthought (Willhelm through his Laser skill, other characters have skills that reduce the chance to consume ammo, clappy actually benefitting from a weapon with a smaller mag size). The Rosie is decent, in the fact that it’s a fairly consistent laser of any flavor, considering how easy it is to get, but far from the best gun in the game, especially after the nerf.

a gun that can only come in one elemental variant will never be considered the best

I use the Absolute zero and pretty much destroy everything with Nisha. You’re absolutely right on that! Just want a shock Rosie really. Just figured since I have everything else, I might be able to trade. Don’t feel like going through the story a 4th time(with this character) just for the rosie and mining laser

Not sure if you ever got your shock Rosie, but I am willing to trade mine. I never use it. I have an incendiary one as well. both lvl 70. I’m online in the evenings around 4pm PST.

GT: Kurtdawg13
I have a mic