Trade window is now closed

I’m going to chuck these out in next 24 hrs unless anyone wants them. If you do, just let me know in here which one you want. First come first serve.
I’m not asking anything for them, but if anyone wants to send me something back a rad star helix with sntnl anoint would be great.

My psn ID is wiffo83
First come first serve.

Digi clone cutsman has been claimed

Grab the EM-p5 Digi Clone?

Sure, sent you FR

Added you back

Sent, enjoy.

One barrier emp5 gone.
Headed out for a bit, will be on to send out more later.

Do you have any EM-P5 SMGs left?
Would take any one of those if so.
PSN LeftTurnus

Any cutsman left ???

psn AJRobbo_76

Also looking for one of the spare emp5s if any are left, psn is Mr_Fixler. Thanks either way.

Gamma Burst Spinner, Barrier EM-P5, Barrier Night Hawkin still available?

Can i get the night hawking that adds 50% bonus incindeay dmg on next 2 mags?

PSN: deathshot1234

All the cutsman and emp5 are gone. Sent to those that requested or awaiting fr to be accepted.

Can I get the night hawkin with corrosive dmg ASE?

PSN Rchris92


Do you still have the Hawkin that has additional critical damage when barrier is active?

Got an ase incendiary 50% next 2 mags and killing an enemy 5% weapon damage… ones left in the night hawkin

Gotcha, do you have it for the EMP5 then by any chance? If not that’s okay and I’ll take the 5% after kill would be great! :slight_smile:

One of the guts above has requested it and not accepted friend request, so if that hasn’t happened when I close this post I’ll send you the emp5. I’ll send a fr now so you can have the night hawkin