Trade with me 🙏

I have last stand deathless and a loot expanding deathless and face puncher and disciplined ripper… willing to trade for some good Zane mods or good weapons

I seem to have pretty good luck for finding Zane mods. I play as Moze, never get mods for her lol. Which model are you looking for and what weapons?

Any good ones and what do you want …

I’m looking for hex grenades any type, as long as it’s level 50. Have you played with a flakker yet? Awesome mob control shotgun. I only have a level 48 but it murders better than all my level 50s.

I have a packaged resourceful shockerator

Nah I haven’t and I have a HIRV hex rn that I’m using

Im interested in the last stand deathless. I have good weapons. Whats your preference? I have a post with info on my sploders and nades