Tradeing my extra op 7 and 8 legendarys i dont use

i am looking for fire Norfleet op8
slag Norfleet op8
corrosive sandhawk op8
shock sandhawwk op8
op 8 conference calls other than corrosive
op8 pitchfork sniper rifles other than fire
op8 shredifiers any element
i have for trade op8 large bunny
op8 barbed striker
op7 rusty sawbar
op8 rapid infinity
op8 sledges shotgun
op7 rubberized pandemic
op8 bouncing bonny
op8 slag sandhawk
gt is same as my name on here message me on xbox360 if u wanna trade or let me know here. ill update this post if i get anything else to trade

nvm ignore this post some generous people helped me