Trades I have what you want!

LF - mirv recurring hex CRYO grenade anointed

  • Ice breaker victory rush w/ as cooldown , cry resistance , cryo damage
  • Maggie w cryo
  • last stand Otto idol
    I have lyudas , lucians , anointed shields , anointed grenades , rakks new mod w / 25 percent weapon dam
    Amaras new mod with 25 damage
    All kinds of artifacts, rakk attack items
    Just ask

Do you by channe have a shock/corrosive recursion that does 250 ase on phase cast? I think I have your grenade.

Damnit… You’re Xbox. My bad.

Yes I do

Ugh! I’ve been looking for that forever too! Sorry man, thought you were in ps4.

All good bud

would take a arctic night Hawkins if you have an extra

Ya I got that

Do you have any of those items and I’ll send one over

Awww lol

Right!? :rofl:

What anointment you looking for?

I will check once I get online I picked 5 maggies last night

Ok sounds good

Any will work just ase dam

I have recurring hex cryo, , annointed - on action start regenerate 1 grenade. If this works then I would like the new Amara mod, 25 damage.
I am conch8 on xbox one. Thanks.If athat doesn’t work I am searching mules for last chance otto, know I have a few of those stashed somewhere. 1 ea Last Stand Otto Idol; 30% grenade damage, 27% irradiate, 27%electrocute.

Do you still have the Maggie with cryo?

Oh I’m sorry I just saw that you’re looking for and I do not have it