Trades need sandhawk plz

I will give a conference call or the pitchfork or a white death for a sandhawk

What element sandhawk, and what level because i have level 72 Sandhawks

Electric or carosive

I have a few OP 8 sandhawks I’d be willing to trade. I already have the conference call and pitchfork though…do you have an OP8 Legendary Sickle Class Mod?

a lot of people been asking about the sandhawk l gave one away got one left why

combined with the bee shield its the most op thing in the game

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when i get home ill look

ill be home in 4 hours and i think i have it if i do its all yours

Ok cool. I’ll let you know when i can trade and i’ll give you your choice of sandhawk if you have it.

I have it I don’t have a psycho so I was surprised I had it good thing I’m a horder

Zer0 / Maya (via B0re / Chain Reaction) being able to legitimately one-shot Bosses like BNK3R and Saturn (on PC, PS4 and Xbox One), with a Pimpernel and without the use of a Bee Shield, is arguably the most OP thing in the game. That being said, the Sand Hawk is probably the best SMG (The Bitch, the Tattler and Hyperion / Maliwan Plasma Casters are also good options, depending upon character and build). Contrary to popular misconception, the Sand Hawk does not require a Bee shield (or a Legendary Cat COM or relic that boosts SMG damage) to do good damage.

FYI, you need the Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty DLC to even be able to use the Sand Hawk. Assuming you have that DLC and acquire a Sand Hawk, I wouldn’t rely too heavily upon the Sand Hawk and Bee (aka Beehawking). I have a set of elemental Flying Sand Hawks (except Slag), several elemental resistant Bee shields and a Legendary Cat COM (as Maya) but rarely use all 3 together. Outside of Raid Bosses (Pyro Pete and even a Boss like the Snowman from the Loot Train DLC), I stick with a Sand Hawk, Legendary Siren COM and usually an Antagonist Shield.

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I’ll trade if you’re down for it…we just need to figure out when to do it. If I can get on tomorrow let’s do it then because I am going away next week.

Okay I have some work to to tomorrow but not to much I’ll be on most of the day

lm know for sure level 72 if you want it ps3, melocoup, if you want it