Trades... Random free gear as well

I’ll continue to update this thread…

Lf… every Maggie on Earth. (Pref rakk 100% dmg). Other rakk weapons (same anoint) red fang with jakobs buffs.

Have… multiple crossroads, long muskets, cutsmans, laser sploaders, star helix’s, Rowan’s calls, shredifiers, recursions, conference calls, lyudas. Too many flak and moze mods. Random shields and artifacts.

Message me for specs. If there is something else you are looking for, just ask. I may have it.

Would you happen to have a corrosive conference call with 100 on ase or 125 to bosses on ase

Maybe you have a an ice breaker victory rush artifact? Have some rakk attack items i can trade for.

what kind of shredifiers do you have?

I do not. 2 gamma, 2 shock lifesteal and rof reload buff

I do not. Not victory rush

Shredifiers right now, ase 2 mags corrosive, airborne acc buff, phaseslam weapon dmg 300.

Currently farming artifacts. Check back if you want

Oh man ive been at sloth all week and got ever variant but it. Thanks anyway, shoot me a message if you get lucky.

do u have a fire lyuda for free :slight_smile: id take the worse. my luck with elements is elec only for lyuda lol

Radiation and shock. If you want one, you got it. Rad is fade away anointed, shock 5% dmg stack with kills

Have red fang w/ weapon crit, sniper dmg, Jacob crit lvl 53. Looking for gammaburst weapons. Lobs and Dahl rifles.

I’m interested. Umm gamma weapons. 2 Maggie’s. Vanquisher, conference call. No lobs, for dahls I have a breath of the dying.

I’ll take that breath of dying

What’s your gt again?

Comatose Jackal


yes the rad would be nice <3

Gt? Forgedpatriarch?

yes ForgedPatriarch