Trading a full set of Fl4k or Zane gear with guns mods and artifacts and more for one specific artifact

Trading an entire build with a whole bunch of the best weapons grenade mods shields class mods and artifacts to turn a fresh 50 into a god lol. Fl4k or Zane. I’m seeking a Snowdrift Otto Idol with Pistol Damage and Magazine Size, and 3rd stat is optional. Msg me on Psn or this post if you have any questions

PSN: Mattgamer87

What do those weapons and gears consist of for fl4k

Well it’s a huge list, but I have tons of top tier weapons with 100% damage ase increased damage on rakk attack and some gamma burst ones

RIP, mine has Shotgun dmg/Action Skill cooldown rate/Mag size xD got a Last stand otti Idol with pistol dmg/Radiation dmg/Mag size though, dunno if you are interested

Sry no

do u got a stagecoach with x25

Sry not that

Do you have a craps gun with Zane cryo sntl anointment?

Might have that one, not sure

Nope not that one