Trading a Transformer 50% shock for Transformer 50% ase other element

I have a bit of a problem because I found a very rare grenade with shock ase and my transformer is shock, so I d like to exchange it for a transformer with another element (pref corrosive) or 75% shield for Moze

I have the corrosive and shock. Anything else to trade?

not much… what are you looking for?
Looking at my bank I think I could part with the lucky 7 while sliding 40% or airbone crit 25%

Add me and will figure something out. Any anointed blues or purples?

I have some atlas purple rifles with airbone., sliding . A fire protuberance with next mag rad. terror related shields

Fire proturberance please.

Add me…

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request sent

Thanks that ll make my life easier with Moze have fun with the protuberance.!

Thanks, I’m looking for this ASE anointed…

If you find one let me know

ok I ll let you know

I’ve got a Transformer with 75% shields and health to Moze that I would trade for the ASE shock damage Transformer, if it’s still available.

yes my psn is RhaaaaLoovely

mine is Yuuzh