Trading all my Zane gear for Fl4k gear

Yeah, I deleted my Zane and I’m going straight Fl4k. I kept quite a bit of the good stuff though, to trade for some Fl4k gear I don’t yet have. I also threw in a few Fl4k launchers as I don’t use luanchers (I know, I’m weird). Take a look.

Stuff I’m looking for -

  • Free Radical (U-Rad)
  • Light Show fire or cryo (U-Rad)
  • Bekah (Gamma Burst)
  • Butcher rad or cryo (next 2 mags)
  • Butcher cryo (Gamma Burst)
  • Maggie (U-Rad)
  • Kaoson cryo or rad (U-Rad) full auto
  • Plasma Coil (U-Rad or Gamma Burst)
  • Unkempt Harold cryo, fire or rad (U-Rad)
  • Unkempt Harold cryo or fire (next 2 mags)
  • Atom Balm Otto Idol w/ decent rolls
  • Radiation Old God
  • 72 Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge w/ decent rolls