Trading Brainstormers next two mag 50% ele ase fire/rad/corrosive

They need to go

looking for ion cannon with next two magazine elemental bonus
any featuring corrosion either as base or bonus

I’m in dire need of that incendiary annoint.

Is there anything else you need tho? I haven’t purchased the new dlc just yet.

I have a bunch of terror annoints(terror on grenade and shield ASE, health/ammo regen on terror and more).

Also have tons of other popular weapons/annoints(50% ele in ASE grenades and shields, etc)

well if you have any decent shield with elemental ase that ll do

Cool I’ll be on after work this evening. I’ll send a message if you still have.

PSN: Darthquixote777

ok I guess that ll be the morning for me. Do you have any spare stop gap ?(any element ase)

Can’t remember, its highly possible. Apologies, I normally have a spreadsheet in my phone but my daughter accidently took it(the phone!) today.

I’ll be home in a couple hours and message ya. If I have annointed stopgap I’ll def hold it and message you and we can get up tomorrow or whenever is good for you.

Damned timezones!

ok deal

Still got one fire, one corrosive, one rad. Looking for lv 50 stop gap shields either amp (not sure if exist) or ele damage annointement

Hey, I can trade stop gaps with 50% ASE in all elements for the brainstormers?

sure thing wich one do you want? my psn is RHAAAALoovely

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I’ll send FR and we’ll work out a deal.

My PSN is dogstar13

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ok all sold out tx for trade