Trading Burning Cocky Proturberance

Need Zane Anointed Cyro Weapons and Knife Drain otto idol artifact post pics or tell stats thx.

Show the stats of the weapon online. A bit misleading to post an offline stats pic of a nerfed weapon and not tell the people you’re attempting to trade with.

Those stats are almost certainly the online stats. Protuberance’s offline dmg is 7000+ with the elemental proc being 16000+ dmg.

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If thats the case then the ones I had were like 1/5th that online.

lol I’ll look and see what i have for Zane now

Yep all this is online stats, found out myself offline version are alot higher.

Damage has to vary a ton.

A protuberance dropped for me yesterday and it only had 837 damage and like 500 elemental damage.

These highest I seen so far I keep looking for higher stats.

I’d love the caustic one what are u looking to trade

Check my other posts for stuff I need

You still need non-double penetrating Lasersploders?

Naw Zane anointed weapons or this good stats

For Zane I have

Cash infused Shock Butcher 364 x 3, 8.94 fire rate, 10 mag size…While barrier is active, ccuracy increased by 60% and critical by 30

Epic Abundant Interloper Shock/Corrosive While SNTNL is active gain 50 damage as bonus Cryo damage…stats are Damage 702, 2247 Damage per sec at 61% chance. Fire rate 1.6, Mag Size 13, accuracy 72% consumes 4 ammo per shot

Stimulating Intense Shock Lasersploder After swapping places with your digi-clone damage is increased by 130% for a short time

Add me we talk gt Outlawkillerz

Alright but i dont have a mic!