Trading Claptastic Legendaries (Level 70)

Steam Profile:

~What I am Looking for~

Kaneda’s Laser
Laser Disker
Absolute Zero
Longest Yard
Luck Cannon

~Current Stock~

-Vengeful Proletarian Revolution-
Vladof Anarchist Pistol.
Damage: 17,498
Accuracy: 87.8
Fire Rate: 9.9
Reload Speed: 2.3
Mag Size: 46
Special Effects: Pulls one bullet out of your Pool and into the Mag every second. This can accumulate until every bullet in your Pool is in your Mag. Resets after switching weapons, reloading or entering a menu.
Note: A Very Interesting gun. High DPS and decent stats all around. Its gimmick is really nice for Claptrap’s “One Hit Wonder” and some other skills.

-Severe Fusillade-
Scav Belt-fed Assault Rifle
Damage: 11,304
Accuracy: 86.1
Fire Rate: 7.2
Reload Speed: 7
Mag Size: 96
Special Effects. Not really sure for this one. Testing has not brought up much.
Note: Strange Weapon, long reload, but a High RoF, decent accuracy, and modest damage. Fun weapon to use, but I can’t figure out what the gimmick for this guy is.

-Thermaponic MORQ-
Capacity: 25,647
Recharge: 9533
Recharge Delay: 1.56
Elemental Resist: 67%
Max Health: + 37,172
Special Effects. I’ll leave this as a Secret, >< It made me smile though.
Note: Essentially a Reogenator that’s traded its Health regain for higher Health and Elemental resist. >
< there is one more “Fun” thing attached to it as well, but I’ll leave that as a Secret, would not want to ruin the surprise.