Trading Cloning Maddening Tracker for Spring Epicenter

Have Cloning Maddening Tracker with the +25% for the next 6 seconds on grenade thrown anoint.

Want to trade for a Spring Epicenter with the same anoint. Must have the Spring Prefix


This trade seems like something one or both of you might find interesting so I’m bringing it to your attention(s).

On 2nd thought, I’m interested too because I’ll get to Moze eventually. My name is the same on Epic. If we are not already friends then send me an FR and we’ll do business. :grin:

Can do…will be on by 6 pm Eastern usually.

Grenade is Legit…got it from a vend.

Epic tag is HuskerJohn

Everyone is raving about these Spring Epicenters so I thought I’d try one!

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FR sent.

What’s badass about the spring epicenters? I dont have a 25% OGT one but I have a 50% ASE so I might want to test her out if its enticing enough lol

Ohhh, I really want an ASElemental one :joy:

Basically. It’s just a really good splash monster that works well with a lot of Moze stuff, and is pretty reliable and easy to aim.

Will send it to you in the mail as soon as I’m on today.

Supposedly it allows you to rest your Grenade finger a little bit compared to a Tracker.

I think the ASE I have is Rad so you can try it if you want! I went back to my 1hp/75k-ish shield build with a Transformer so I just randomly shoot my trevanator at the ground lol so I dont need it

I’m Sammantix on epic! I’m currently messing with an ASE Tiggs Moze!

Grenade just sent to you via the game mail.


Tracker received. Epicenter sent. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

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