Trading Conference call for lvl 50 Flakker

Heyo! Ive been farming the Flakker for 1 hour and ive been wondering if someone can trademe the Flakker for a lvl 50 conference call ill also throw in 10,000,000 dollars I have a Psn friend me Zer0azzult if you are interested 0

Hey there. Youll probably get more responses in the PS3 section so Ive moved your thread there.

Ok thanks its my first post so I dont know much^_^

hey man i can give u a flakker are u on ps4? i only play on ps4

No im on PS3 sorry :< Im actually still farming it still no flakker

i dont understand why u like flakker but i guess u have ur reasons. i have like 5 of them but ur on ps3 :frowning: