Trading for anointed META

Hey guys, the list shows what I’m after but have many items to trade so ask and if I have it then I can hook you up. Also only lvl 57 items pls. My gamertag is: grlms reaper (yes it is an L not I)
If I don’t reply here feel free to msg me on Xbox live.

Wagon wheel w 100% ase
Conference call corrosive w 100 ase
Firestorm and the electric equivalent sniper w 100% ase
Hellshock w x2 base dmg w 100% assembly
Snowdrift Otto idol
Snowdrift victory rush
it’s piss grenade corrosive with ogt annointment
Transformer or Stop Gap shield with rad ase/shock

Thank you, stay safe and wash yo hands!

You have a gatlin lead sprinkler 100 ase or 50 shock/fire ase? I think I have the rad hex with cryo anoint

Sorry I only have w consecutive hits and 75% rad ase for siren

In the middle of a takedown but I just got one w bonus corrosive on next two mags

Sorry for slow replies was playing warzone lol you still on?

Updated list. Some stuff removed and some added.

Well it’s time to empty out the vault and get lvl 57 stuff

Hey man, I have a 57 transformer with ASE rad (EDIT: also have ASE corrosive).
EDIT: also have a 57 stop gap with ASE shock

Not looking for anything in particular, pretty much any gun with ase 100 weapon damage.

You got anything I’m looking for in my thread? I got a transformer ASE shock.

Link helps lol