Trading for chaotic evil monk and a pimerniel

Looking for these items on ps4

I have the Mod and all elemental Pimps for you, so which element are you looking for :slight_smile: Do you have any “Shadow of Seraphs” relic with more than 40% stats? My psn: orange_teacher.

Psn: jaredmarchitell

Hey Orange!

I´ll give it a try at the Seraph Vendor at Flamerock Refuge.

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Hello tesanmartin. You did help me a lot!! I really do appreciate that but your time is valuable… Im wondering the Shadow relic stats has been fixed with updates or not…I have visited the Seraph vendor at Flamerock Refugee more than 100 times but all I got is 36% one, it is the best. I read somewhere that someone got 41% at Op1 lv, so I thought at Op8 I can see 46% or 47%…Or Im wrong…

I will visit him more and more. Just try to use the Shadow relic instead of the explosive 39% :slight_smile: Thank you so much again, with your help last weekend my Sal now is much more powerful.

I tried yesterday but only got a lvl 36% as well. Maybe it´s fixed as you say.

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Thanks for your help so much! It is interesting to hear “bang bang” instead of “bang” sometimes, especially when they are Money Shots :slight_smile:

Hope that you can help me a high level “Aggression Relic” that increases Sniper fire rate… Or an “Allegiance Relic” that boosts Maliwan fire rate. I just want to try increasing fire rate of the Slag Pimpernel. Thanks so much in advance!