Trading for Kybs worth pretty plz

Trading for a kybs worth. Have raid rough rider, lots of wpns,shields , artifacts for trade.

Psn Darkmizt

Message me with what you need hopefully I have it =)

I have a couple of kybs… Do you by chance have a lvl 1 brawler ward 200 melee on slam or a corrosive /shock recursion 250 phase cast?

I’ve got the brawler ward but not annointed and the shock/corrosive recursion but only annointed while airborne

What kind of kybs are you looking for?

Any on action skill for my moze build no luck so far

When I get on I’ll send you some screenshots of what I have. lon_wolf917

I have the radiation/cryo and incendiary/cryo Kyb’s Worth with 125% splash damage on ASE. Looking for a Bloodletter with both health regen stat and no Thin Red Line skill or the new Craps, Cheap Tips, and Slow Hand with 100%/125% ASE. Or good rolls of the new mods.

Got a powerhouse cheat tips with on action weapon status effect chance increased 75%

Cryo craps not annointed though. Cpl slow hands no luck on annointments on those either. Just fl4ks st4kbot mod and a bunch of moze ones.