Trading for moonfire,one shutter,etc

I need pistol moonfire, lob fire and shock ( 100% a se ) one shutter shield,all of these level 53 anointed, I have a lot of gear to trade ( recursion,lob,wedding invitation etc…all anointed ) psn: woopitoo

I have a moonrise, fire lob and a fire cutsman(I believe). I habe to go load up my game to tell you specifics of each. I’d happily trade all of them for any Redistributors you may have.

Sorry, I dont have any redistributor, you need anything else ?

i have a sntl one.

Do you have any of these?

-Annexed fire lyuda with 16-24 round clip (ASE 100%) or (ASE 125% to badass)

  • STAGE COACH WITH x25! Huge one im looking for
  • A deadeye class mod with +3 in 2 fang and +2 in fast and furious with weapon dmg and any other mixture of stats
    -Maggie with (100% ASE)
    -Rowans call fire (ASE next 2 mags bonus dmg or 100% ASE)
    -shock recuring hex on grenade throw
    -lvl 53 STop gap or Re chargers with ASE Bonus incen,shock
  • Night hawking (ASE 125%) (ASE 100%) (ASE next 2 mags)
  • Lucky 7 with ASE 125%
  • Burning protruberance ASE 100%
  • Burning/Cocky flakker ASE 100%


-X2 ion cannons all elements( Exit iron bear 160 % splash dmg)
-Breath of the dying( ASE next 2 mags bonus elemntal dmg or 160% splash dmg after exit)
-Burning flakker/Normal( Exit iro bear 160% bonus dmg)
-Transformer( Exit iron beaer 75% increas shield or ASE Bonus dmg to any elemnt)
-LAST STAND DEATHLESS/SNOW DRIFT DEATHLESS with mag size/bonus dmgs to weps
-Bloodletter Class mod with +3 in desperate measures and +2 in thin red line(This one is rare so idc abotu stats but id prefer one with weapon dmg)
-Scoville ( ASE Bonus splash smg)
-KYbs worth ( exit iron bear 160% splash dmg)

Add me psn: woopitoo
We can do a couple of trade :slight_smile:

have a lvl1 brawler ward with 200% phaseslam melee and another with 50% rad dmg and a elephant projector

Tell me what you need :slight_smile:

i added you

I’m also looking for any Lobs especially Electric or any good Moze class mods especially Blast Master with +1 Redistribution with mag size/shotgun damage/msg damage/splash

The Moonfire is ASE 125 damage to badass lvl 50
Fire Cutsman is Rank Attack 100% for short time lvl 53
Fire Lob is IN 125% Incendiary lol 53

The elephant artifacts I have are

Spark plug white elephant mag size/rad damage/corrosive damage lvl 50
Caustic Coast WE with melee damage/melt chance/Cryo damage

Tediore Shotgun I have is lvl 50 Electric with IB next 3 mag 33% reload and 67% handling

Jd…add me psn: woopitoo