Trading for op3 norfleets and a few others

Heres a list of what i have (op3 unless stated):

-rapid infinity
-flame of the firehawk
-legendary roboteer class mod
-Longbow fire bee op2
-the bee op2
-murduring slagga
-legendary mechromancer class mod lvl72
-proactive b!tch
-corporate b!tch
-legendary gunzerker
-legendary binder op2
-the cradle
-legendary cat class mod
-legendary anarchist class mod

Sorry they’re not in order, i listed as i saw them.

Here’s a list of all i need/could use:

-norfleet (firer/electric/corrosion)
-chain lightning, just so i don’t have to farm
-the sham>89%

Anything i can get from here whould be a great help, thanks!