Trading for OP8 Corrosive Bone of the Ancients

Now I would usually farm for this myself, however I left my game open and some random cheese
eating rat B@stard followed me through the WEP picking up all the audio logs, what a douche!

I have the OP7 version but my gaming OCD keeps telling me that the extra 0.4% cooldown
rate will make all the differance, lol!

I have this stuff to trade, all OP8…

  • Rightsizing Yellow Jacket
  • Surfeit Grog Nozzle
  • Nasty Ogre
  • Blockade


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I can help you out with that :slight_smile: Thanks to @sun_tsunami he did give me it.

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Hey @Orange_Teacher, yet again thanks so much for the help, really appreciate it!

Also kudos to @Sun_Tsunami for passing it on in the 1st place :smiley:

Would you like any of my stuff in return buddy?


Thanks @dogstar13, Im glad to help! My best friends like @Sun_Tsunami and @tesanmartin did help me a lot in farming stuff with no return, so Im glad to help other vault hunters :slight_smile: We all love BL2 although it is not a new game. Today Im too busy to play the game, see you soon :slightly_smiling:

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I have a small friend list of people I like, trust and are cool to deal with…you guys are on it cos you’re all FREAKIN AWESOME and…REASONS!

Whenever’s good OT, cheers dude.


Awesome of you @Orange_Teacher. I was in a menu messaging someone and
when I came out the perfect relic was right there at my feet, who does this type
of thing? lol

You are a legendary ninja loot dropping, high kicking badass my friend, kudos!!!


Sorry I couldn´t help you this time but Orange_Teacher and Sun_Tsunami helped you out. I haven´t been on this week but hopefully I get on this weekend a bit. See you all my dear friends!