Trading god roll Face-puncher

LF really good FL4K gear / Lucian cryo ASE 125%/100% dmg /Ice Breaker Artifact with health on kill

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I’d be more than happy to take that off your hands. Here is what I have to offer. Thank you.

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Thanks for the interest but couldn’t find anything I need on your list.

I have a face puncher with similar stats. 300% melee on phase slam and 60% melee dmg

I am looking for a rough rider, transformer, or red suit shield with ammo Regen on terror.

All good thank you for looking.

Sorry, I don’t have any of those items.

Night wind what u want for the radiation rowans?


I got some god roll fl4k gear for that. Purple masher, rad flakker, purple q system, rad laser sploder, lucians call cryo, rowans call, rad lyuda, blue rad lump, pestilence pistol, red suit shield, god roll friend bot, bounty hunter god roll etc

All weapons listed are gamma burst.
More weapons are rakk attack affiliated or weapon damage on action skill end.

Brandon what’s your PSN id I think we can do a deal?

What weapons are rakk attacks?


I’d have to look at my mule.