Trading Godrolls, look Description

im LF: consecutive hits Maggie, Skullmasher or Stage Coach.

i have:

  • All anoited Transformers
  • some Stop Gaps
  • Tediore Stuff
  • a lot more…

One of those stop gaps wouldn’t happen to be sntnl speed annoint and turtle effect would it? I have a few Maggie’s, I can check if any are consecutive.

Nope, sry :frowning:

I have consecutive hits Maggie but its level 53

Also got one :slight_smile: looking for lvl 57 stuff

I have a SNTL move speed stop gap of you have a 50% Ase transformer

I have ASE shock, has your stop gap got turtle effect on it? What’s your gamertag?

Yo you need that Maggie still?

Yes, still looking for one :slight_smile:

Your gt?


Sent. Enjoy

Wow, thx a lot!