Trading Great Weapons for Shredifier and/or Retcher

So, now that you’ve came to this post, let’s get some things straight. Sound good? Don’t answer. Conserve your oxygen.

All the weapons I will give you will be atleast level 50. Make sure your guns are level 48-50.
I will give you max of three weapons. Though if you give me both weapons, I will give you a max of 6.
I will put whether they are sold or not down below. By “they” I mean the weapons I want.
(Btw, I’m not giving Shredifier or Retcher, I’m asking for them. I’m trading weapons for them.)

Shredifier (NOT SOLD)
Retcher (NOT SOLD)

I’ll show you the weapons once you join me. My GT is NOTANORMAL.

I’ve got level 50 shredifier with fire DoT gamer tag is Terracraft0King