Trading Ice/Rad recurring Hex and other leg

I am looking for an annointed fire/cocky flakker.
I have:
Annointed Queen/King’s call (Fire, electric,Ice)
Annointed fire crossroad
Annointed The companion
Cocky flakker or Fire flakker
Recurring Hex ice or rad
Mirv Hex Elec or Rad
Annointed handsome jackhammer elec, normal and fire
Annointed the flood
Annointed lucian’s call in corro and non annointed ice
Annointed butcher in normal, elec, rad
Annointed Re router shield
Annointed The dictator in ice

Let me know what might interest you
My IG is Bloubie

Edit: just dropped that King’s call annointed(pretty OP roll), added it on the list

I’m building Moze atm. and want to collect Hex for her (I got a cryo Mirvtastic already)
So maybe trade for elec or rad? What does “Recurring” do? :woozy_face:

Add me and we can discuss it if you want and you can choose :slight_smile:

not anointed but i got this image

thx for the offer, but i have them all but not annointed :confused:

interested in the fire kings call if youre looking for anything else

Artifact also, the ice breaker, elemental or last stand with grenade/elemental/area of effect damage ect…

Hi! I have Crossrood with Kyro.

Sorry i’m needed rad elec and acid only now :confused:


If this is what you are looking for, do you still have the Recurring Hex?

I got a rad flakker and a normal one. I am looking for a Mind Sweeper Class Mod for Moze, any chance one of you got one?

(LF Mind Sweeper Class Mod for Moze / Offer Laser Sploder (in Frost, Electro and Corrosive)

i do, add me

sent it
IGN: ChadTDubbs

i have that mod only i’m afraidBloodletter

that will do

im okay with that

Got an anointed Flakker if you’ve still got one of those hexes.

can you link it to me please?


For the normal damage one, i’m looking for the annointed cocky flakker :confused:

i have this: 16d703321155d7c9c1e4f27970eeb6ea