Trading incendiary and corrosive OP8 Barking Pimpernels for Banbury ones

Hello, fellow Vault Hunters!




the same Pimpernels (level, elements and parts, including scopes) BUT with the Banbury prefixes.

1 per 1 trading.

The only condition: you should get them the same way I did - that means legally, without duping or gibbing or any other cheating. Obviously, I cannot check how legal the item is (unless you provide pics as I do, which I cannot require), but I’ll take your word if you state that your Pimps legal.

Interested? Contact me here via PM asap.

You drive a tough bargain, with the scopes crap. I have an OP8 Banbury Maliwan grip Pimp, but I have no idea what scope it has on it. Other than “not Hyperion”.

EDIT: I realized I could check my screenshots. It’s this. I honestly don’t care about the scope on my rifles as long as they aren’t Hyperion, so you tell me what it is. My guess is Vladof, and yours is Dahl because it’s the best.

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