Trading Infinity Pistol for Norfleet or Sham

I have an extra infinity pistol from farming Doc Mercy every time I see him. It never runs out of ammo, never needs to reload, and has a mag size of 1. I’ve heard the drop rate is insanely low at around .08% if I remember correctly. It is level 56 does 20030 damage, accuracy is 89.6, fire rate 7.3, with a 2.2x zoom. I would love to trade it for a Norfleet around the same level if anyone has one. Not picky on the specs, just the Norfleet around my level. My gamer tag is CharXan so send me a message on Xbox One if interested.

The Infinity drop rate has been fixed for quite some time and is now at the correct value of 10% (the latest hotfix tripled the drop rate of Legendaries globally).
You probably won’t find a willing partner as the Norfleet is still very rare

Oh well in that case I can also take a Sham if that’s a more fair trade.