Trading Legendaries, Pearls n Uniques

So, I’ve got a big load of Pearlescent, Legendary and Unique Guns, Class Mods, Grenades and Shields. Also a few nice relics.

If you maybe give me the names of some stuff that you always wanted to have, I can look if i have it somewhere.

And if you maybe have something that I always wanted, then we can trade these items.

Some stuff that people often ask for that i don’t have: The Bekah, the Cobra, the Shreddifier, the Hoplite, the Cracked Sash, the Quasar, the Leech…well, I am on my way for getting these items but at the moment, i don’t have 'em.

I sure have a lot of other stuff like the Storm Front, Norfleet, Conference Call or Godfinger.
I’m sure I have something that you need :wink:

Note: Almost only OP8 items

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Sorry bro, no duping

Thanks ^^

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Can I get guns and shields?

I need a lvl 60 norfleet and shock conference. Call

Do you have a level 50 conference call . I am willing to trade . Most of my stuff is level 50 . My GT: the_legend_2059 . I have legendaries. Pearlescent.guns , shields , and grenades

I have a lvl 50 conference. Call

I am willing to trade for it if you’d like too


But most of my Gear n weapons are level 50


Or the birch

Let me see. If I have it

And I have normal slag. And fire

Sorry man but I couldn’t find the weapons . I could’ve sworn I had them

I’ll still dupe if you want

If it’s alright with you. Because I do have other legendaries

Like ?

Wanna just dupe everything then I’ll do it to you haha