Trading legendary Gunzerker Mod

Looking for Legendary Siren Mod and I’m willing to trade Legendary Gunzerker Mod (which to my knowledge is the best of it’s kind)

Stats for Gunzerker Mod:
Cooldown Rate: +37%
Fire rate: +24%
Melee Damage: +35%

+5 Points in the following skills: Locked and Loaded, Quick Draw, Filled to the Brim, Hard to Kill, & Incite

Other text:
-Increases movement speed by 20% while gunzerking
-'Never look at my fist"

What level range are you looking for? If it’s 72 or higher, I’ll keep an eye out for one I have a spare OP 8 one you can have for free, otherwise I’ll keep an eye out for one. Steam ID is Gulfwulf (Jac)

I’m currently 55 on UVHM.

Looking for one I can equip A.S.A.P. (will add you later when home)

Huh. Well, the lowest I can go is 72 because I don’t have any farming toons lower than that. Let me know when you’re near that level and I’ll see what I can do.

Hey finally lvl 72 and wondering if you still have that legendary siren mod. added you on steam
jaydenxero (D_ii)

Accepted. Let me know what times you’re usually on.