Trading - Legendary Requests

Hello! I am looking for a few legendary/unique items for my level 60 Psycho.

What I am requesting:
Level 60 Thunderball Fists (Binary prefix preferred, but I will take anything)
Level 60 Hide of Terramorphous

What I am Offering:
Multiple legendaries, unique weapons, class mods, grenades, etc… Levels vary from 45-59
$2 million

Please leave an offer down in the reply section with your PSN and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

I don’t have much in level 60 since I only kept mostly 50’s, 61, some 72 and OP8s. If you want 61’s I might just have what you need. Let me know if are there other stuff you might need so I can see if I have them. I don’t need anything in return. Just paying it forward since I’ve had some help before when I was at your level :wink:

How far are you from 61 may I ask? If not much, perhaps do a few bar brawls in Pete’s bar or something to get you there. Send me an FR PSN: pookie151

I’m already a level 61, hahah. I just need a Hide of Terramorphous and a Thunderball Fists. And sweet, if you have those! If not, thanks for the offer :smiley: my PSN is Fading_Memories_

I have the hide and the thunderball fists with the potent prefix (more damage) but doesn’t shoot two bullets. Send me an FR pookie151 on psn if you want 'em.