Trading Lobs for Lob or Redis

I have these lobs for trade.
Looking for:
lvl 53 Lob w/ SNTNL cryo
lvl 53 Redis. Rad. w/ SNTNL Cryo

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What else you have for trade? I have a Rad Lob with SNTNL and all the Redistributors with the same thing.

Quite a few SNTNL guns. Anything in particular you need?

You have a list? Ive got plenty too and can probably offer more than just what I mentioned

i have lv53 lob rad (sntnl),Are you interested?

I am

Yes. What do you want in return?

What’s your psn? I want that corrosive cast lob!I have all sntnl lobs and redistributors with 49 in mag on redistributors, amongst other god tier Zane gear!Friend request sent!

i need lob croy(gamma)

I really need that Electric Lob. I dont think I have any with STNL, but I have:

Lob with Corrosion ase 100 projectile speed
With rad 50% shock next 2 mag
With fire 125% incendiary next 2 mag
With Cryo IB 125% incendiary next 2 mag
With Corrosion IB kills increase cooldown

I also just got a Its Piss with ase 50% cryo

All yours. Shoot me a fr @ blasphenom5000 and I’ll mail it when I get home. Don’t really need any of those guns but maybe you could send me a SNTNL Cryo gun if you happen to come across any in the future.

Awesome! Thanks! I will definitely send you anything good I find. I’m actually leveling a Zane up to 53 today so I’m sure I’ll find something. Now if I could get Wotan to drop a Redistributor at all. He has given me everything under the sun but one Redistributor.

Hi there, I dont know if you were still looking for a stnl cryo lob but I have a rad one if you need it. Do you still have the cryo gamma? Thanks

Sorry, already traded.

Haha took forever to drop one for me then one day suddenly it was raining redistributors. So hopefully your luck will turn around.

Ok thanks