Trading lvl 48-50 gear for a lvl 50 babymaker, lvl 50 sham or lvl 50 Norfleet!

Hi, im trading any of this gear for a baby maker (lvl50), The Sham (lvl50) or the Norfleet (lvl50)

The gear that im willing to trade is:

-Whisky Tango Foxtrot (lvl49)
-Praquat Hive (lvl50)
-Contingent Longbow (lvl50)
-Stocking Bunny (lvl49)
-Original Dliverance (lvl48)
-Rappid Badaboom (lvl49)
-Hyiu Skullsmasher (lvl50)

I will trade 2 of this guns for one of the ones that i want if necessary, sorry for the bad english.

i have a bby maker level 50 my name on ps3 is leoster12 add me and ill give you one can I have a Norfleet though for it