Trading Lvl 60 Wedding Invitations and CMT's


Have the following Wedding Invitations & CMT’s to trade…

Looking for lvl 60 One Shotter shields with 50% ASE in Cryo & Corrosive
if anyone has them to trade?

PSN dogstar13

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Well I’d dearly love a 2 mags Wedding Invitation but I’m afraid I don’t have any One Shotter shields for you.

Well I’d dearly love a 24ct gold pig that can play the banjo and make pizza,
do you have said pig to trade?

I’m just kidding…send a FR over and you can have the WI, gratis!

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Yay! I’m at work just now, so I’ll send it when I can.


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Can you give me a wedding invitation please?,sadly I don’t have the shield that are you looking for.