Trading M10 stuff

What I have:

Cryo Kaoson ase incendiary
Shock Kaoson 500% novas
Kinetic Kaoson ase cryo
Fire Kaoson X2 ase 100% damage

Kyb’s worth (STNL cryo, ase rad)

Opq system 150%rad under 50%hp

Nopewpew 200%asa, 150%rad under50 %hp

Reflux ase 50% fire (exchanging only for a 15%lifecsteal one)

Reflux 100% rakk attack damage

Iceburgers (300/90, 200asa)

Yellowcakes (300/90, 500%novas, 150 rad under 50%hp)

Plus a whole bank of other legendaries, too many to list.

What I’m looking for:

Sntnl cryo Kaoson

Shock fish slap with ase rad or corrosive

Reflux 15% life steal ase (could sell my soul or someone else’s for one)

Bounty hunter class mod with weapon damage+weapon crit

Stagecoach x25 100%damage

Shock backburner consecutive hits (M10!)

Meta stuff in general

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Hey Can I have the yellowcake 300/90 if it’s M10? I’m checking out my fishslap Grenade now

I don’t think I have anything else on that list. Any thing else you might need?

Nothing I can think about right now
Damage on the Yellowcake is 40236

I can give you a fastball with 14k that has the damage on throw. The fish slap I have is Asa 150 percent.

I have a cryo sntl redistributior. I’m interested in your under 50 health monarch.

Also I have a trade thread running,you might find some other things your looking for on there,the title is mayhem 10 weapon trades,I dont know how to link it lol

I was just checking it and was about to pm you :sweat_smile:
I’m sending the monarch now, do you have any other elements beside cryo?

Other elements of what buddy?


Oh, gamertag is Tramonto

Not with cryo sntl. I have a shock and corrosive with the 300/90 annoitment

Not interested sorry

Sent you the monarch for the redistributor with SNTNL cryo

Sent the redistributior cryo sntl

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Great I’ve been looking for one for months, I should have tried trading way sooner :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I know that’s kinda why I’m on here and made a trade page lol.

I have a radiation fish slap 50% corrosive ase and a corrosive fish slap with 25 on nade throw

Also have radiation mirv hex 25 on nade throw, shock cloning hunter seeker 25 on nade throw, spring epicenter 25 on nade throw, singularity firestorm 25 on nade throw

Edit, probably got the bounty hunter your looking for too, I’ll check

Got a hyperfocus, a carrier, a lob and a Maggie sntnl cryo and a consecutive hits Maggie if you are interested.
I’ll be online in about 1 hour and a half.
I’m interested in the Fishslaps and the bounty hunter if you have it.
I might part ways with a Yellowcake X2, gotta check on my characters.

You can have both fishslaps and the bounty hunter for free,just gotta check that bounty hunter. I’ll send them over shortly :slight_smile:

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Wow thanks man! I’ll keep an eye on your post and see if I find something interesting for you.

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No problem at all. Sent all three,the bounty hunter not exactly what you wanted but I think its pretty dope :slight_smile:

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