Trading Marketplace Idea

There should be an open marketplace in which you can sell gear to other players. How I picture it going: You choose an item to sell, set the price, and release it to market. It can no longer be used and is removed from gear loadouts. I think it would remain in your bank but be greyed out or something. It’s not usable so that someone can buy it while you’re playing. Anyone can then search for gear to buy through this marketplace by rarity, type, cost, value, asking price, etc. This would help a lot of people find the exact gear they’re looking for to make really cool loadouts.

I think it could expand to include an auction area as well and run similarly in all other regards.

What do you guys think?


I wouldn’t even mind it getting to the point of selling skins and taunts you’ve gotten through loot packs.

I’m honestly not sure what to think of this.

Pro arguments are:

  • Sharing gear with friends, who might make better use of it. (Buff to teamplay and cooperation)
  • Easy access to gear needed to try a character for the first time (And lower gearing threshold across the community)
  • Potentially more differentiated selling prices (Based on Gear Stats, not rarity as is now)

Con arguments are:

  • Possible market domination through hardcore gamers (thinking WoW here :rolling_eyes:)
  • Less long-time playability (Sounds counter-intuitive, I know. But when you can’t get a piece of Gear you need, you have to keep playing at this point.)
  • The concept of ‘must-have’ gear would intensify (Alamo-7, anyone :wink:)

I would. Those would have to be luck-based, as is. I think getting a cool skin or taunt for a char you haven’t played yet provides an incentive to do so.
And making those items tradeable would only result in people making an economy out of them.
(A ‘wealthy’ player might buy stock on faction packs, just to make a profit by selling skins and taunts.)


Wow. That was a really well thought-out analysis. And while I agree that having a new skin is an incentive to play a new character, I think having the option to buy that super cool night elf skin for thorn off someone who hates playing thorn would be awesome.

Edit: I think the largest flaw I agree with that you point out is the ability for people to build a monopoly and corner the market

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The problem with that is: It’s also the hardest thing to avoid, because you can’t possibly ‘balance’ it between people with different playing time.
Someone who has the time to build up economically would always surpass those only playing casual.

Of course, this does only affect Gear. But in the long run, this translates to an effect on people’s ability to enjoy playing the game. That’s why I mentioned Warcraft, where you definitely can enjoy the game, but can’t enjoy the ingame market, unless you’re willing to commit to the structures already in place.

Granted, in the end, it might not make much difference to casual gamers either way. I guess they would care mostly about sharing gear with their friends.

It’s a good idea, but Gearbox would have to dedicate some people to it to ensure it continues to work as intended.

All this would do is create a black market where people will farm gear and trade it for real money. Happens with all online marketplaces.

A marketplace doesn’t fit in this game and it allways ends in inflation.
Only some people will control the market and since we keep getting cash (the pro-seller even more), items will get more and more expensive. And because the rich keep getting richer, gearbox is forced to focus more on implementing things that drain cash out of the game than fixing bugs.
Then the poor people (and every new player) starts to moan because they don’t have enough to buy the same things.
It will get worse from day to day, like in every game with open markets/auctionhouses… they all struggle to get and “keep” new players after the game is out for some time and severall things got added to drain gold out of the game.
The system we have right now is actually the best system we could have for this type of game (and every other game, that’s not a economy simulator).