Trading multiple items for specific bloodletter

LF bloodletter no thin red line health regen weapon and pistol dmg, jakobs dmg or crit.

Also LF loaded dice health regen splash dmg

Have lots of good stuff. Will give several items for the trade.


Or health rregen, weapon dmg and splash dmg

This will be a tough find. I have a few BL with health regen. 1 or 2 with no TRL. One has + splash radius, but 1pt in TRL, and +4 in Phalanx Doctrine. It works just fine with immunity build, if that’s what you’re after. Also, you can use a BL without health regen, as long as your loaded dice has +hp. I have a loaded dice, it’s cutpurse with +30 grenade dmg.

I’m also looking for a bloodletter with no TRL and health regen but tough luck so far getting that specific combo. Running loaded dice with health regen and a bloodletter with no TRL and +4 phalanx seems to be fine for the most part.

That is probably the best you’re going to find honestly. I’ve seen 3-4 that people are using for that pop up in the last month.

Tks for the replies. I once saw one with health regen, splasd dmg and weapon dmg but on PC.

My guardian ranks make me use 2 health regens.

PC also has hacked mods.

It’s possible to find the perfect mod, but it’s like winning the lotto.