Trading my perfect Face-Puncher shotgun

Looking to swap this perfect Face-Puncher shotgun with 300% weapon Damage after a Phaseslam (amazing for melee amara builds). I will happily swap this weapon for the following…

A fire element Shredifier with x2 damage and the double chain gun attachment, Annointed with 300% weapon Damage on action skill end, during phasegrasp or after phasegrasp.

A Double-Penetrating Laser-Sploder with fire element, Annointed with more weapon Damage either “After action skill” or “after phasegrasp” or “during phasegrasp”

A fire element King’s Call Annointed with 300% weapon Damage after using an Action Skill.

A fire element Lyuda with x2 damage and Annointed with 300% weapon Damage. Either for “On Action Skill End”, “During Phasegrasp” or “After Phasegrasp”.

A fire element Crossroad smg, Annointed with 300% weapon Damage after using an action skill, after phasegrasp or during phasegrasp.

Or a Siren Class Mod Phazerker that includes popular stats such as weapon Damage, smg damage, pistol damage, assault rifle damage, or action skill cooldown. Mod must have at least 2 of these stats to interest me.

Thank you and good luck to anyone interested in this!

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I have non of those but I do have a non element lyuda after phasecast weapon damage is increased by 250% interested?

I’m good thanks :slight_smile: As a siren I’m mostly interested in ones that have elements. But I already have a fire one with 900x2 damage. I might be interested in an Annointed fire one with more weapon Damage after using an action skill, slay the bosses much quicker then haha.

I like your layout of giving so many options for a trade. Great idea.

I’ll be on the lookout for any of these and let you know if I find one.

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Thanks! I’m sure someone will find at least one of the things I’m looking for eventually :slight_smile: So I get a nice upgrade, and this weapon then goes to the person wanting to upgrade themselves too!

Added a fire element Lyuda to the list.

I’ve got this if you’re interested

do you still have this?
if so i have a TEMP also with +31%SMG dmg/+5 nade cap/+31% AS cooldown

I have a Fire Hostile crossroads it’s not anointed however