Trading my terror annointed stuff

Never got into building a terror build
Looking for:
Blood Letter w/ 3 thin red lines +grenade damage stat
I am running a Gunner for annointments


Hey man I have the redundant facepuncher could I grab the kybs worth from you. Gt is Ye olde wolf

Is the facepuncher annointed?

No what annointments are you looking for

Gunner or general

I will trade you a cutpurse deathless with +40 mag size and can send you some fire, cryo, and corrosive tediores.
I would like copies of the transformer and Maggie.
GT = Chase D Gamer08. Thanks Tom

When are you available?

I dont need/want copies of mine. I will just send in the mail then

Ditto. Enjoy the Tediores.

Enjoy the Tediores …… with the cutpurse :slight_smile:

Thanks, your items have been sent

hello, I saw you already received most of the items you were looking for, is there anything else accepted by kybs/queens call?

still need a Redundant face puncher 14x anointed for a gunner or general anoitment or a blood letter with tediore & grenade damage

I have this with 25% weapon damage / 29% area damage / + 5 grenades

Unfortunately, I have a redundant face punch but no anointing.

looking for grenade damage on the com sorry

I will trade you the queens call for it?

se isso também importa.

does the cryo one have homing?