Trading of OP8 gear

I can trade almost any op8 gear including antagonist, dpuh, sham, flaming bee, roughrider, logans gun, shredifier, lady fist, flakker, butcher, sheriff’s badge, trespasser and more for any elemental flying sandhawk, gentleman’s pimpernel or norfleet

I have a lvl 72 sham 94% wanna trade

Do u still have the norfleet?I want it so badly

Yes is it anything else you want?

A corrossive or shock norfleet would be fine,i could trade u a grog nozzle op8

Who are you playing, i have everything from weapons to shields,every
flavour and every character, just ask and you shall recieve

Den 12 nov. 2016 4:07 em skrev “Free acc 15$Unlock” <>:

You wouldn’t happen to have OP8 corrosive/incendiary/shock practicable conference calls would you?

Can get them but i have interfacer, why ping them down when you can enter
their faces?

I just need a corossive norfleet and a 94% sham shield then i’ll be fine,can u trade me those both?

Conference call has longer range which is helpful for taking down flying enemies like rak, and surveyors, and I already have the interfacer (in every useful element). Also do you have a chaotic evil monk COM with +5 asbestos? I have the COM, but mine has +5 sexual tyrannosaurus which I don’t use (hell I can’t even get down to it with my build). also I actually have a corrosive practicable CC, so I only need incendiary, and shock if you can get them. Do you need anything in return.

I can give you a corrosive norfleet, and 93% sham (both OP8).

I would like to get these:D if u would give it to me

Do you have a legendary torch class mod?

I can give you one. My online ID is BackOffoRDie. Just add me, and let me know you want the torch com whenever you get the chance.

If you’re ready, I am. I just added you. :smiley:

I have about anything you want. Let me know what you still need. Psn soccerfella101