Trading on Xbox One Borderlands 2 OP8

Wants OP8

Binary Little Evie Sights Dahl or Maliwan
Binary Thunderball Fist Sights Dahl or Maliwan
Redundant Lady Fist C,F,S,Sl Sights Dahl or Maliwan
Two Fer Maggie Jakobs Grip Sights Dahl or Maliwan

Elemental Relic 39% Explosive

Class Mods
Purple Chaotic Evil Rogue 54% 35%
Purple Chaotic Neutral Rogue 54% 35%

Have OP8

Practicable Butchers C,F,S,Sl Damage 213,687x5
Puissant Norfleet C,F,S,Sl Damage 9,813,556x3
DPUH Jacob Grip,Torgue Sights Damage 600,863x2
Flying Sandhawk All Dahl F,Sl Damage 144,520
Tumtum Hawk Eye All Jakobs Damage 519,055
Nasty Orge 509,676
Ferocious Shredifier All Vladof C,S 256,425
Redundant Fibber 2,018,743x2 S

Grounded The Bee 623,414 608,423 6.16 1,825,860 0
Inflammable The Bee 623,414 608,423 6.16 1,825,860 0
Antagonist 1,906,963 191,373 1.43 50% 880% 49%
The Sham 603,412 180,541 1.82 94%
Neogentor 519,991 180,541 1.65 86% 1,042,341

Sheriff’s Badge 23.5% 56% 15%

Grenade Mods
Longbow Storm Front 1,205,957 700 0.0
Incendiary Fastball 26,234,838 105 0.0
Magic Missile 2,027,558 464 0.0

Do you have a bekah? And I also have few off those things at op8…
Alkaline the bee
Twister with Jacobs grip
Flying Sand hawk in fire, corrosive and shock all perfect parts
practical interfacer with perfect parts, only have shock though

If you’re interested reply or send me a message :blush:

GT: Astrosil

Are you on Xbox One mate? I tried to find you via your GT but no results.