Trading op lvl 8 infinity guns for lvl 31 infinity gun

Hai guys! I am kind of a new player to this forums so i didnt know much about this stuff but the main objective i want to make this thread is because i am a really big fan of infinity guns and i cant seem to farm one so i wanted to trade one of mine legendary op level 8 vengeful infinity for a return of a level 31 or maybe 30- infinity guns.
If u wanted to trade this offer then just add me on steam and if u saw me online just message me
Username: m0nsterxis

1: Wrong forum section, this should be in the PC trading section

2: A new player…with OP8 gear ?

3: Welcome :slight_smile:

Was in my friend’s game and we was farming for Doc Mercy and got 1 legendary op lvl 8 gun.