Trading OP8 Boss Bekah and some other OP8's

Hey, I’m trading these OP8’s…

  • Boss Bekah
  • Fire Lyuda
  • Shock Lyuda
  • Fire Sandhawk
  • Shock Fastball
  • Grounded Black Hole
  • Grounded the Bee

I need…

  • Banbury or Gentlemens corrosive Pimpernel with 10 round mag
  • Corporate or Rightsizing fire Bitch

Thanks for reading!

Hey dogstar13!
I think I might have what you are looking for. I’ll check and get back to you!

Hey man, cool, I’ll fire an FR over!

Sent you a msg on PSN, got the stuff for you :smile:

Thanks so much for sorting me out with those guns, hope you get that Blockade your lookng for and if I find one I’ll let you know!

No problem, glad I could help :smile: