Trading op8 gear

i have a bunch of op8 gear twin maggie, shreddifier, grog nozzle, bee, rough rider, 94 sham, ogre, flying sand hawk, slag pimpernel, shock and non elemental infinity,and others that have slipped my mind. im willing to trade just about any of it for lvl 72’s norfleet, 94 sham, rough rider, conference call, grog nozzle, elemental flying sandhawk. or a maggie(picked slagga this time I dig the maggie) or others that i may not have. lost my op save not interested in going through digistruck peak again. my xbox360 gamertag is skulnikj420 shoot me a message on what’d you’d like to trade Thanks.

I’m willing to trade these for the op8 variants:

Gunstock Maggie
Potent Grog Nozzle
Evisceration Grog Nozzle
Puissant Norfleeg slag - incendiary
The Sham 94%
The Rough Rider
Practicable Conference Call incendiary - slag and non elemental

Also got other 72 gear if you need other stuff.

My gamertag is the same as forum name.

I’m in sent you some messages on Xbox live and a friend request which if you just message me when ur on if I’m on we shouldn’t need to join games. I’ll take what ever ya got that I don’t and I’ll give ya all my op8 stuff I don’t need it. Got some grenade mods and relics too I think