Trading OP8 guns for lv 61 guns

I have tonnes of op8 weapons, legenderys seraph, I am mainly looking for a normal sandhawk, Norfleet, bee and infinity, any other legenderys will be fine though.

My GT is - Bleunose
Ps. I have a mic

Also I am farming a bunch of bosses in UVHM iff anyone would like to join me.

Is it ok to add you as I will be willing to do some bosses but I am only level 50 and have not got UVHM unlocked yet.
add me GT DragonSlayer986

I can help with farming bosses and I probably have some lvl 61 stuff in my vault too. I’m a op 3 physco. Gt giftedwitswag…addo me

Il add you now, il have a party later, hopefully with me, lv 58, lv 53 or a lv 50

Added you