Trading OP8s for OP8 The Butcher and some 72 Sand Hawks please!

Hi all, I’m looking to trade for a few guns I’m after, the Butcher is for me but
trying to snag the Hawks for a buddy I’m helping level.

I have these to trade, all OP8 apart from Logans Gun…

  • shock Practicable Conference Call
  • fire Practicable Conference Call
  • Nasty Ogre
  • Boss Bekah
  • The Sham 94%
  • Earnest Logans Gun lvl 72

Trading for…

  • OP8 shock The Butcher - would love a one with Torgue sight and stock if possible!
  • Lvl 72 shock Sand Hawk
  • Lvl 72 fire Sand Hawk

Thanks for reading and all trades much appreciated!

I got 'em. I’ll be on tonite around 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

Hey that’s amazing, thanks so much! Maybe an issue with times as I’m on GMT which is 5 hours
ahead I think, could you hop on at 6pm EST so I will be 11pm? If not then maybe a weekend?


I won’t be able to get on right now (6) but I will keep an eye out for you. I think you are on my friend’s list.