Trading OPQ 9000x2 300/90 Anointments

Looking for all M10
Stop Gap with ASE Shield Break
Kaoson Consecutive Hits
Kaoson SNTNL cryo
Monarch 250 Phasecast
OPQ 250 Phasecast
Yellowcake (x2) 300/90
Old God Shield

I have other weapons to trade as well but I know people are looking for this one.

I have cryo sntl kaoson, reflux x7 cryo sntl if needed. The stop gap I will check on and what old god are you looking for?

Best old god I have is 18k on a s s annoitment. I dont have the stop gap your looking for sorry. Let me know if you want any of the things I’ve put on here :slight_smile:

Can we do both Cryos for the OPQ?

My GT: RayMaker34

Why not :slight_smile: I’m just farming Joey for a little while then I’ll send them over shouldn’t be too long

Hey, instead of the reflux I just realized you have a yellowcake 300/90. Can we do that in place? If not it’s cool. I just went to your list.

Sure no problem

Thanks. Let me know when you are ready to send and I’ll do the same.

Sent buddy

Returned the favor. Enjoy

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